Subscribe to the Brand™ 🤑 TL;DR Increase sales and retain customers with Premium Loyalty on your Shopify store 🤑

Powering Premium Loyalty and Memberships for Shopify's largest merchants

Drive contribution margin, profitability and customer loyalty hand in hand with Inveterate, made for Shopify.

What is Premium Loyalty?

Inveterate™ software powers premium loyalty programs for Direct to Consumer brands and eCommerce retailers in order to attract and reward their most valued customers with a truly differentiated experience.

These programs typically provide exclusive benefits and experiences in exchange for a recurring membership fee. Benefits may include access to special sales, store credit, cash back, discounts, personalized service, and members-only content and products.

The goal of these programs is to strengthen the emotional bond between the customer and the brand, and give them an excuse to come back and shop, encouraging continued loyalty and purchases.

What our customers are saying about Shopify Memberships Inveterate™

"Fresh Clean Threads (formerly Fresh Clean Tees) could not be more pleased with our experience with Inveterate. The Inveterate platform is advanced, robust, elegant, and most importantly - merchant friendly. Inveterate integrates gracefully with Shopify core functionality allowing your membership program to easily integrate with all potential marketing strategies, verticals, and other 3rd party apps. We have experienced ZERO technical issues since going live 6+ weeks ago and our membership #'s continue to steadily grow every day. The Inveterate support team is fantastic and provides best-in-class support ranging from program optimization to technical support. A++++++"


"You look for strategies or platforms that fundamentally change the trajectory of your business. Paid Membership through Inveterate has been precisely that. In the past, we've tried traditional dollars-for-points programs and never saw an impact on our business. In just a few short months of launching our program, we have a significant proportion of our customers subscribed as Members; we find that our Members are worth more than double our general customer cohort. Allison, Sam, and the Inveterate team have been fantastic partners in building our program; we've held hands with Inveterate through ideation, program setup, and post-launch. Although this is an "app", there's an incredible agency feel with the team. I couldn't recommend Inveterate enough - a real game-changer in the crowded Shopify ecosystem."

- Flamingo Estate

We've got the stats to back this.

1. A study by Deloitte found that 67% of consumers would join a paid loyalty program if it offered significant benefits (compared to just 33% who said the same for free points-based programs).

2. Data from COLLOQUY shows that 62% of consumers say they’re more loyal to brands with paid loyalty programs, while just 38% say they feel more loyal to brands with free points-based programs.

3. On average, members of paid loyalty programs spend 9% more per transaction than non-members (according to Accenture). Furthermore, 78% of members say they’re likely to recommend a brand with a paid loyalty program to friends and family.

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