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Exceeding an Annual Membership Goal in 72 Hours

Flamingo Estate’s partnership with Inveterate's paid membership program exceeded their expectations and became a game-changer for their business. Here’s how it happened.

Flamingo Estate’s partnership with Inveterate's paid membership program exceeded their expectations and became a game-changer for their business. Here’s how it happened.

The Partner: Flamingo Estate

As a producer of nature-inspired household essentials, they are on a mission to bring Flamingo Estate to every home, and support local farmers and makers who use regenerative practices.

As with any other brand with a bold vision and audacious goals it’s crucial to find new ways to grow revenue and profits.

The Challenge: Increase AOV, LTV 

Flamingo Estate had three goals: 

  1. Increase retention among existing customers

  2. Increase AOV and customer LTV with their most loyal customers

  3. Create new ways to bring customers into Flamingo Estate’s brand, beyond just purchasing

With such big goals, simply adding more products wasn’t going to work. It made more sense to deepen the relationship with their devout customers, but the options to do it were limited.

Until they partnered with Inveterate. 

Crafting the Right Membership 

Flamingo Estate teamed up with Inveterate to create their custom membership program—leveraging our design, validation, configuration and marketing expertise. 

✏️ Designing Deep-Dive: Inveterate’s customer success team analyzed Flamingo Estate’s business + consumer insights to understand what they valued, and what would likely be intriguing in a membership. 

🙋 Validation: After conducting customer surveys, we  found out a whopping 83% of respondents were interested in joining a paid membership program. 

Flamingo Estate was on the right track with offering a paid membership - now it was time to build a membership that would meet the high standards of their customers.

⚙️ Configuration: With our help, Flamingo Estate configured an annual $96 membership program.

This is where taking the time to do customer insight in the beginning helped - there was already a sense of what these buyers wanted. They launched with benefits like member-only discounts, seasonal gifts, free shipping, early access to new products, and priority concierge support. 

Flamingo Estate opted to build a custom landing page to promote the membership and clearly spell out the benefits of joining

🚀 Marketing:  Next came the launch and sustained marketing plan. 

Flamingo Estate led with social in an announcement from their founder, followed by an email.

They exceeded the annual sign-up goal in 72 hours! The team quickly decided to pivot and put memberships at the center of their Cyber Week campaigns to capitalize on the demand.

"Inveterate's platform made it possible for Flamingo Estate to bring a premium loyalty experience to life. Without Inveterate, this would have cost tens of thousands in development costs and taken months to build, not to mention the effort and cost to maintain. Their continued product innovation and collaboration on strategy are paving our retention roadmap." 

- Michael Magaziner, Head of E-Commerce, Flamingo Estate

Achieving Triple Their Goal

Within 90 days Flamingo Estate's paid members accounted for 15% of all customers compared to a goal of 5%. 

Members were 2X as valuable as nonmembers, spending 16% more per order and ordering nearly 2X as often as nonmembers, further highlighting the value of the program.

Within just 30 days of launching, 32% of Flamingo Estate's membership sign-ups were entirely new to the brand. The membership program was not only successful at driving deeper loyalty with existing customers, it was a viable customer acquisition strategy. 

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Learn more about The Estate Membership at Flamingoestate.com

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